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Become a Volunteer!

A Volunteer? What, where, how?

Our organization is relatively young, so we value each volunteer! If you're interested and have the opportunity, join our volunteer activities.

We conduct consultations throughout the country, primarily online. As a volunteer, you will contribute to the well-being of immigrants, providing support to those in crisis situations. Doing good can take various forms, such as participating in the organization's background activities within a support group or offering immediate assistance. If you are a healthcare, social, or education professional with language skills, as a volunteer, you can help refugees in crisis situations and support their mental health. If you're a specialist in another field, you can actively participate in the organization's activities and support its work.


You can also propose new forms of volunteering. We are interested in both one-time events and long-term volunteer projects. Volunteers receive training from the organization and assistance in completing tasks.

Examples of volunteer work:

  • Supporting consultation discussions as a group leader or in pairs.

  • Acting as an active member of the organization, disseminating information and influencing.

  • Assisting in organizing joint events or other activities.

In particular, to strengthen the organization's administration, we need new board members. Our organization is just beginning to develop, and you can contribute to and expand the activities of Fenix Finland ry as a board member or working group member, a sparring partner, a secretary, or someone responsible for financial or membership matters.


Manage social media and blogs, take photographs, express your point of view, or assist with marketing – you will have the opportunity to make an impact, apply your skills, and make new friends. You can use your skills and creativity, pursue your interests, and learn something new.


Join the rewarding volunteer work and apply your abilities to a socially important cause - we need you! 

Fill out the application and become a volunteer with Fenix Finland ry! Click Here

*Information is stored in the Fenix Finland ry customer register. The collected data is not shared with third parties. Please review the data protection policy.

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